Last week, Taboolars appeared at several leading media and technology conferences around the world, across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Below is a quick recap of each event, along with photos and relevant discussion that each session inspired on social media.

Media Tech Summit 2015 (Las Vegas)

Taboola’s founder and CEO, Adam Singolda, joined a select group of senior executives, investors and entrepreneurs in Las Vegas for the annual Media Tech Summit. This year’s gathering was focused around data science, and Adam was featured in the opening panel on “The Future of Media: New Consumption Experiences, New Ad Units, New Monetization.” Moderated by Andrew Cleland, Managing Director at Comcast Ventures, the panel included executives from Under Armour and Electronic Arts, and focused on the ways that data can enable companies to better segment their audiences and provide personalized experiences for users.


DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Summit 2015

Taboola’s president and COO, Eldad Maniv, was featured on a panel discussing the “Threshold to Success,” drawing on his extensive experience building technology companies in the US and in Israel. The panel was moderated by Nils Larsen, Business Development Partner at HIRO Media, and included top executives from companies such as Microsoft, TechCrunch, PlayBuzz, and more.


iMedia Brand Summit Australia 2015

Following his presentation at the iMedia Brand Summit in Goa, Taboola’s Joe France — Director of Sales and Partnership Management at Taboola APAC — hosted the first luncheon presentation at iMedia’s partner event in Gold Coast, Australia. Joe’s session focused on the amount of data that Taboola’s platform provides to our partners, challenging the assumption that content marketing success often has a random or “luck” aspect to it. While marketers may stumble into unlikely success stories, a smart content strategy can leverage data and extensive A/B testing to make that success repeatable and scalable in the future.



Mobile Marketing Finance Summit (London)

Serving as an “official partner” for the event, Taboola hosted a session at the Mobile Marketing Finance Summit in London around how companies can create content that drives conversions and sales. Finance has been a rapidly growing space for content marketing, and two of Taboola’s London-based media experts — Darren Elliott (Sales Manager, Sponsored Content & Media) and Teddy Ludmer (Senior Account Manager) — led the presentation and shared best practices with the many top banking and financial institutions in attendance.


Content Marketing World 2015 (Cleveland)

Last Wednesday, Taboola hosted a “lunch and learn” session on “How to Create Content that Converts, Drives Positive ROI.” The presentation used practical case studies to show how A/B testing, landing page optimization, and more, can drive successful performance-driven campaigns for companies. Presenters included Andrew Milk (Director of Media Account Management) and Inbar Yagur (Senior Content Strategist), and our previously published Q&A post with the two content “gurus” sheds light on the state of content marketing today, and where it’s headed in the coming year.

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