Last week, Taboolars across the globe donned costumes in the spirit of Halloween, in addition to attending their scheduled presentations and industry conferences. Below is a quick recap of each event, along with photos and relevant discussion from social media.

Innovate:NY Workshop – Content For E-Commerce (New York)

Taboola’s Senior Manager of Brand and Agency Development, Ben Nichols, hosted a breakfast session at The Advertising Club of New York around the topic of “Content for E-Commerce,” drawing a select crowd of brand and agency representatives. Ben’s presentation provided an overview of how Taboola can work with retailers to better promote their content across the web and drive real conversions. Sample case studies showed both the cost-effectiveness and versatility of content discovery, capable of generating six-fold average returns-on-investment for every $1 spent across the network, and driving purchases of items ranging from $40 apparel to a $10,000 couch.


Mobile Marketing Conference 2016 (South Korea)

Ran Buck, Taboola’s Head of Asia-Pacific, delivered a presentation at the Mobile Marketing Conference 2016 in Seoul, co-hosted by Yello Digital Marketing and our exclusive Korean media partner Purple Friends. In line with the conference’s broader theme of “Understanding Target Audiences,” Ran’s session discussed Taboola’s vision for “full page personalization,” and the importance of serving tailored on-site user experiences for different types of audiences.


RD Summit 2015 (Florianópolis, Brazil)

Taboola was on-site at the RD Summit 2015 in Brazil, one of the country’s leading digital marketing and sales events. The conference showcased over 60 exhibitors, 100 lectures, and 3,000 participants from major national and international companies. As we continue ramping up our presence in Brazil, keep an eye out for more Taboolars at upcoming digital marketing events throughout the country.


Taboola Halloween 2015 (Worldwide)

It was an international monster mash as Taboola celebrated Halloween across the globe, turning our open floor plan offices into scary landscapes only the most brave or ghoulish dared to enter…

New York:




Want to find out where Taboola is headed next? Check out our Events Page for more information on upcoming appearances.

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