Yes, Eurovision is a real event and not a made-up contest from the popular Will Ferrel and Rachel McAdams Netflix movie.

For those unfamiliar with Eurovision, it is a live acapella song competition put on by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) showcasing original music from participants submitted from partaking countries.

In 2015, the Eurovision Song Contest was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the Longest Running Annual TV Music Competition. Eurovision has helped the world discover many beloved artists, including Celine Dion and ABBA. Take that, American Idol.

Interest in Eurovision has fluctuated over time. According to the Eurovision website, 204 million people watched at least one of the three shows in whole or in part in 2016. In 2020, the competition was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the Semi-finals and the Grand Final quickly approaching, we wanted to gauge the current interest of Eurovision fans. Will long-time lyric-lovers tune back in for Rotterdam 2021 after the day (year) the music died?

The data below can help determine what kind of content Eurovision spectators are searching for and if Eurovision is a relevant topic to cover in your area.

Are Fans in Harmony with Eurovision?

From the moment the first participants are announced, publishers are finding the “perfect pitch” to bring music lovers to their sites.

Lets see if fans in the current participating Grand Final countries are engaging with our publisher partners’ Eurovision content…

Country Eurovision Pageviews (Last 90 Days)*
United Kingdom 119,742
France 400,056
Germany 336,104
Italy 234,510
Spain 67,012

*As of May 14th, 2021

There’s no doubt that watchers in France and Germany are searching for Eurovision content on the open web. Publishers Spain and the United Kingdom may want to prioritize other entertainment news.

Headlines to Sing About

Just like any good reality show, Eurovision has its pick of drama-filled front-page stories. Check out the top headlines from our website partners per country currently slotted to participate in the Grand Final, including articles published over the last 90 days* from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain:

Country Top Headline #1 Top Headline #2 Top Headline #3
United Kingdom James Newman shares ‘Embers’, the UK’s Eurovision Song Contest entry for 2021 Eurovision Song Contest 2021: Sweden confirms Tusse will represent country in Rotterdam Belarus disqualified from Eurovision Song Contest 2021
France Amir: The singer balances a video “file” of his rehearsals before Eurovision! One month before the Eurovision Song Contest, Barbara Pravi “has already won” Eurovision: Belarus threatened with disqualification, his song accused of political propaganda!
Germany Jendrik Sigwart is going to the Eurovision Song Contest for Germany Because of political song Belarus excluded from the Eurovision Song Contest Eurovision Song Contest: Jendrik has to be quarantined
Italy “Censored and good”. Eurovision is more obsolete than Sanremo (by L. Piras) Maneskin change the text of Zitti e Buoni for Eurovision: here are the differences The Måneskin will have 3500 spectators at Eurovision: the public is allowed
Spain Karina: “Spain did not want to win Eurovision but I was ready, second place tasted like victory” Blas Cantó and his ‘I’m going to stay’ are last in the forecasts to win Eurovision Manel Navarro: “The Spain brand does not work in Eurovision”

*As of May 10th, 2021

Let’s be real, the headlines coming out of Spain certainly don’t paint the picture of a winning country. However, we love an underdog.

This year, censorship seems to be a hot topic, with multiple countries covering Belarus’ disqualification due to political lyrics, and Italy’s choice, Måneskin, being asked to change a few words in their song to make it suitable for all audiences.

These Participants are Hitting All the High (Pageview) Notes

If Eurovision’s Grand Final winner was selected by pageviews per participants’ representing country, Blas Cantó, who has seen a +49% increase in pageviews verse the last 45 days, would come out on top, which we have to admit is super surprising based on our analysis above.

We have a good feeling about Måneskin, who’s consistently seen more pageviews than their competitors. But could this be do to their headline-making song changes? We’ll have to wait and see!

Check how many pageviews your most-loved participants have accumulated over the last 90 days*:

Country Participant Pageviews
Italy Måneskin 354,510
France Barbara Pravi 91,760
Spain Blas Cantó 422,334
Germany Jendrik 46,938
United Kingdom James Newman 64,236

*As of May 10th, 2021

While we realize these results are all fun and games until the full roster of finalists have been selected and the artists take the stage for the final time in Rotterdam, it can be a thrill to predict who will win based on what fans are searching for.

Who do you predict will sing their way into our hearts, and be crowned the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 winner?

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