If you live in Europe, you probably already know that Euronews is the continent’s most-watched television news channel, as well as one of the most popular multilingual global news sites in the region. What you may not realize is that Euronews also boasts a major online video presence. Last year, the publisher announced a record 13.6 million unique visitors on YouTube, and today that presence spans over 30 YouTube channels and 900,000 total subscribers.

Building on this success, Euronews is now looking to expand its video viewership beyond YouTube, developing new audiences on its owned and operated digital properties. Today, I’m very excited to announce that Taboola has teamed up with Euronews to boost efforts around accomplishing this mission, leveraging our personalized content recommendations to increase on-site video engagement and monetization efforts, across desktop and mobile.

Taboola’s predictive technology has long been rooted video, which is the first content format we “cracked the code” around before widening our focus to include articles and photo galleries. We made video our priority not only because our team was interested in the technical challenge, but also because we recognized that the format will become increasingly important in a web that is driven by mobile.

The team at Euronews has done a fantastic job building an online audience around its leading video content. Now, we look forward to working together on taking those efforts to the next level, using personalization technology to develop new and more highly-engaged audiences on its digital properties across the web.

To learn more about our partnership, please read the full press release here.

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