eSalon Brings in Tens of Thousands of New Customers with Taboola

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Hair color is personal, and many people prefer the privacy of home for coloring their hair. But with off-the-shelf color, it can be hard to get the perfect shade.

That’s why there’s eSalon, a tech beauty startup that provides custom-blended hair color for home application. The company has shipped millions of orders to consumers who want the customization of salon color at home.

The idea of ordering custom color online was new when eSalon first came on the scene, so Taboola has been an important partner for them since day one. Taboola has helped them bring a new type of beauty product to the market—one that can be challenging to explain with short-form content.

“We want to become the go-to solution for people coloring their hair at home,” says Francisco Gimenez, CEO and co-founder of eSalon.

“Taboola has not only been a key partner in helping us achieve that, but has also helped us find tens of thousands of new customers along the way.”

Discovery marketing enables them to tell their compelling story and bring highly qualified traffic to their site.


Organic, long-form content helps eSalon break into their target market.

With Taboola, eSalon was able to tell its story with organic, long-form content so potential customers could become familiar with the custom color concept and learn more about eSalon before taking a fun personalized survey.

To increase engagement and promote brand affinity, the survey gamified the journey for potential customers, enticing them down the funnel and increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

eSalon reaches the right audience with Taboola Data Marketplace.

Since they started working with Taboola, eSalon has grown to about 15 times its original size based on customer volume.

With Taboola, eSalon was able to find tens of thousands of new customers, increasing CTR by 53% over time.

To achieve relevant reach on a massive scale, eSalon leverages Taboola Data Marketplace to target online buyers in the hair care segment.

Taboola Data Marketplace surfaces the best performing third party segments to reach audiences, so they can better targeted specific audiences and optimize towards their goals.

The Data Marketplace is uniquely performance-based, allowing brands for the first time to only pay for data layered onto campaigns based on performance results rather than on usage.

That has vastly increased exposure for the brand and helped to drive more efficient ROI from its campaigns.

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