Our Predictions for the Big Winners at the 73rd Emmy Awards Based on the Open Web

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Some people spent the pandemic learning a new language. Many took up a hobby they’ve always wanted to try. And others, like myself, spent a lot of time watching television. In fact, the American Time Use Survey, which used data gathered from May to December of 2020, found that after sleeping(!), Americans spent most of their time watching television, averaging about 3.1 hours per day.

With at-home entertainment rigorously being pursued by those safely bunkered-down in their homes comes a thirst for more information on watchers’ most-loved shows, actors, and more. That being said, it’s no surprise to see the popularity surrounding the 2021 Emmy Awards and high interest in learning more about this year’s nominees.

For this, we turn to the open web.

So, which nominees do we think will take home the coveted Emmy award? Of course, I have biases (which I will absolutely be sharing throughout this article), but our publisher network data does not lie.

We pulled the pageviews from our publisher network from June 1, 2020, until May 31, 2021 (the period in which a television series or season had to premiere in order to be nominated) to determine, based on interest, who we think will win in the top Emmy categories.

I would also like to add that I am not a professional critic, just someone that enjoys watching TV and examining data.

Here’s what we found:

Outstanding Comedy Series

Emily in Paris8,449,400
Ted Lasso8,234,200
Cobra Kai8,006,600
The Flight Attendant2,545,400
The Kominsky Method95,800

Taboola’s Prediction: Emily in Paris

Is Emily in Paris the most realistic show out of the group? Anyone who actually works in social media will tell you, absolutely not. (But if someone does find a way to gain that many followers in such a short time frame, give me a call. I have some questions.)

Though the controversy surrounding the storyline of the series is certainly reflected in the amount of search the show received on the open web.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

Michael Douglas33,032,800
William H. Macy26,078,400
Jason Sudeikis14,748,800
Kenan Thompson14,090,800
Anthony Anderson3,465,400

Taboola’s Prediction: Michael Douglas

Let’s be blunt, Michael Douglas has been around for a long time. While his leading role in The Kominsky Method brought both smiles and tears to watchers, I’m sure his name is pretty regularly searched. No hate, Mr. Douglas, but take this data point as you will!

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

Kaley Cuoco38,481,000
Jean Smart16,328,000
Tracee Ellis Ross13,997,400
Allison Janney9,554,200
Aidy Bryant5,654,600

Taboola’s Prediction: Kaley Cuoco

As quoted by USA Today, “It is precisely Cuoco’s deft handle of dark comedy and drama that makes “Attendant” fly, “earning her our top spot for her category.

Outstanding Drama Series

The Crown38,481,000
The Handmaid’s Tale12,549,200
The Boys3,943,800
The Mandalorian2,849,600
This Is Us676,400
Lovecraft Country601,600

Taboola’s Prediction: The Crown

Ah, the royals. With Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview airing in early March 2021, it’s no wonder fans of the already Emmy award-winning series turned their attention to this season, which provides background on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and introduces watchers to Diana Spencer, AKA Princess Diana, AKA Harry’s mom.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Regé-Jean Page38,059,400
Billy Porter7,225,000
Josh O’Connor5,271,800
Sterling K. Brown2,318,200
Jonathan Majors1,800,400
Matthew Rhys866,200

Taboola’s Prediction: Regé-Jean Page

I really have nothing to say here other than look up a picture of Regé-Jean Page, and you’ll understand why media mentions are so high. Also, look up the plot of Bridgerton. You’re welcome.

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

Emma Corrin47,206,400
Olivia Colman24,342,000
Uzo Aduba23,757,400
Elisabeth Moss4,017,200
Jurnee Smollett2,335,200
Mj Rodriguez958,600

Taboola’s Prediction: Emma Corrin

What news stories grab readers’ attention best? Controversial ones. According to EOnline, reports that the royal family and members of the British Parliament are displeased with the series’ depiction of Diana’s (played by Corrin) marriage to Prince Charles.

However, I don’t think the creators of The Crown are too concerned, as the show has already taken home 10 Emmys over its air time.

Outstanding Limited Or Anthology Series

The Underground Railroad6,3684,00
The Queen’s Gambit5,738,400
Mare of Easttown1,146,000
I May Destroy You32,400

Taboola’s Prediction: The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad Season 1 has received a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, so definitely add it to your “must-watch” list.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie

Ewan McGregor14,132,000
Hugh Grant12,633,200
Leslie Odom Jr.8,763,200
Paul Bettany7,605,200
Lin-Manuel Miranda1,096,400

Taboola’s Prediction: Ewan McGregor

To quote Ewan McGregor in the Netflix series, “Nobody will remember a time there wasn’t Halston.” We’re sure the name Halson will go down in fashion and Emmy’s history!

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie

Kate Winslet78,411,000
Elizabeth Olsen14,933,200
Anya Taylor-Joy13,003,000
Cynthia Erivo8,644,200
Michaela Coel3,133,200

Taboola’s Prediction: Kate Winslet

USA Today’s review describes Mare of Easttown “far better than any detective show should be.” The article goes on to say, “Winslet’s utter dedication to the role, down to her near-perfect assimilation of the regional accent, enhances the already engrossing script.”

And let’s be honest, we’re still looking up if Leonardo DiCaprio could have fit on that floating door with Winslet in Titanic (the answer is yes.)

And there you have it, folks! Who do you think the winners of the 73rd Emmy Awards will be? Tweet us at @taboola and let us know your thoughts!

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