When it comes to online real estate, it’s hard to generate quality leads. Not all real estate website visitors are ready to invest, buy, or rent, and many are uneducated about the market and their options.

It’s for this reason that Wave Mega City and Berlin Estate, two international real estate developers, chose to run content discovery campaigns with Taboola—and we helped them more than double their lead quality in a short period of time.

For both companies, this meant helping them find prospects by getting their content in front of the right audience. Wave Mega City found success by targeting visitors who spoke Hindi with different content created in their native language, while Berlin Estate saw more leads after providing educational content to visitors in sequential order.

Wave Mega City saw higher-quality leads after we doubled their page-session time.

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Wave Mega City is based in Delhi, India, and offers a variety of different types of real estate properties—this includes luxury residences, premium office spaces, and vibrant commercial shopping centers.

Before working with Taboola to increase their lead generation, Wave Mega City faced the challenge of educating real estate buyers in the National Capital Region (NCR) about their offerings.

The problem—a sizeable portion of their audience was skewed towards the vernacular language. Working with Taboola, they launched a campaign of blog posts in Hindi and saw huge success.

“Effective online storytelling efforts require both quality content creation and strategic promotion across the web,” Ram Jalan, VP Digital Marketing and Strategy at The Wave Group said.

“Taboola’s discovery platform not only enables our team to drive more engaged audiences to our site, but their internalized content marketing know-how further unlocked new opportunities to better reach Hindi-language speakers and generate interest in our residential properties.”

This campaign’s success is reflected in the results; visitors spent twice as long on their site and saw double the amount of pages per visit. Wave Mega City was finally targeting the right prospects, and they saw a 15% boost in quality registrations for their properties.

It wasn’t just leads—the Hindi-language campaigns saw immediate increases in click-through-rates and post-click engagement, including on-site comments, content downloads, videos, and form-fills.

A big part of qualifying leads has to do with driving the right people to your site—a.k.a the type of people who will engage in the ways described above. For Berlin Real Estate, success was just as easy to reach as it was for Wave Mega City.

Berlin Estate increased leads by 600% and still reduced their price per lead.

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Berlin Estate is an investment house specializing in Berlin real estate investment. They’re up against an industry saturated with advertisements promising ways for investors to “get rich quick,” which hinders credibility for the entire market.

Because of this saturation, the number one challenge for Berlin Estate was educating the market about the security and benefits of investing. Once they started targeting the right audience at the right time, their success soared.

After working with Taboola to target top-of-the funnel prospects, Berlin Estate saw an 84 percent reduction in their price per lead, while at the same time increasing leads and investments by 695 percent.

Together, Taboola and Flow, their agency, created an audience targeting strategy that used content as the foundation for their conversion funnel. It worked in three stages—the first was to educate visitors about the security and benefits of investing, the second was to position Berlin Estate as the right choice for that investment, and the third stage included a strong call-to-action (CTA) that provided visitors the confidence and ease to make the investment.

Due to the success of the campaign, Berlin Estate reallocated a significant portion of their budget to invest in additional content marketing campaigns with Taboola.

Across the board, Taboola has seen immense success in real estate content discovery campaigns for our customers. The trick to a successful content discovery campaign is targeting the right prospects with the right type of content when they’re most open to reading something new.

Taboola is the world’s leading content discovery platform, serving 360B recommendations to over 1B unique visitors each month on the web’s most innovative publisher sites. To find out how we can support your content strategy, contact us or start your campaign now.

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