The future of communications, the publishing industry and advertising technology is fuzzy. This year at dmexco, panel moderator Cherno Jobatey asked the question, “In an age where everyone can consume digital news in a barrierless world, how do we navigate that? How do we keep brands safe and reach people?”


Our CEO, Adam Singolda, participated in the panel which included industry experts from the publisher, agency and brand view as well, and despite some negativity about the challenges that the industry faces, commented on the evolution for both publishers and brands and his vision for the future:

“I wanted to say that overall I’m optimistic—one, I think that people have a chance to learn how to identify bullshit content out there, since 8 out of ten times you can find out if content is fake,” Singolda said.

“Two, I think publishers should make a lot more money than they make now. If you surround the evil with so much good stuff, nobody will find the bad stuff. I’m optimistic, and I’m in it to win it,” Singolda continued.

Adam sat alongside Will McInnes, CMO at Brandwatch; Jamie Angus, Deputy Director of BBC World Service Group and Editorial Director of BBC Global News; and Chad Stoller, EVP, Global Chief Innovation Officer at UM Worldwide.

The topic; Culture Shock—Darknet, Fake News, Chatbots and our Future Communication, was moderated by Cherno Jobatey, Editorial director of the German edition of the Huffington Post. Watch the full video here:

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