What Day of the Week Do Consumers Spend the Most Time Reading About Clothing?

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Consumer data: Tis the season…for holiday shopping!

The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing colors and shoppers are already starting to shop for winter attire. Believe it or not, consumers already have an eye out for the perfect outfit for holiday parties, stocking up on sweaters and boots to stay warm, and maybe even getting an early jump on gift giving.

Ahead of the holiday shopping season, we took a look at consumer data to find out when people are actually spending the most time reading about retail. Here’s what we learned:

Over a roughly two month period of time, we found that most folks are browsing for clothing on Thursdays. The topic of “clothing” saw an uptick of 9.3 percent on Thursdays compared to any other day in the week. Clothing is also a popular topic for Wednesdays which saw an uptick of 3.5 percent compared to other days.

What does this mean for retail companies? According to our data, it may mean that Wednesday and Thursdays are the optimal prime time to leverage consumer interest. Posting fashion related content, launching sales or new products may get additional eyeballs (and sales!) midweek.