Case Study: Taboola Generates 80% Lower Bounce Rates Than Display for Personal Finance Website

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Financial planning is a complicated undertaking for even the most money-savvy individuals. The availability of online information has made it easier for people to research a variety of investment options, insurance policies, and retirement plans, but there remains a need for resources that can help people sift through the complexity and simplify the decision-making process.

Big Decisions offers easy-to-use calculator tools and educational materials which allow people to better manage their personal finances. Over the past year, the company has evolved its marketing strategy beyond traditional display channels, and invested in discovery technology to share its story with new and more highly-engaged audiences across the web.

Our teams published a case study about the collaboration, which found that the bounce rate for Taboola-referred users was over 80 percent lower than similar audiences driven by display channels. By reaching users at a moment when they are already engaged with a piece of content, Taboola users proved to be more valuable once they arrived on-site.

taboola case study

Throughout the collaboration, Big Decisions saw Taboola users spend an average of 3.5 minutes on-site, and consume 4 pages-per-visit, higher levels of engagement than similar audiences from any other marketing channel. Following the successful ramp up of these campaigns, the company has secured over 8,000 newsletter subscriptions in just four months, and is planning to expand its discovery efforts to support other aspects of its business.

Check out the full write up for more details around the partnership, and visit the Taboola resources page to browse our other case studies, data sheets, webinars, videos, and ebooks.

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