Taboola Drives 300% Higher Returns Than Search During Holiday Shopping Season

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The numbers are in from this past holiday shopping season, and our team found that Taboola’s discovery platform outperformed search in boosting awareness and driving new television sales for a leading US consumer electronics company.

Those weeks leading up to the new year are crunch time for all kinds of consumer-facing companies who often rely on the period to generate a majority of their annual sales revenue. Research from Adobe found that American online shoppers spent close to $10 billion over Thanksgiving weekend in 2015, spurred by the unofficial holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Generation of sales leads got more efficient during the holidays.

In order to broaden its base of prospective customers, and generate new sales in a more efficient way during the competitive holiday season, the consumer electronics company utilized Taboola’s discovery platform to promote its latest line of 4K/Ultra-High Definition TVs.

The collaboration complemented (and eventually outperformed) the company’s existing search marketing efforts by reaching new audiences who might be interested in learning about UHD TVs, even if they weren’t actively searching for one.

New “discovery” campaigns targeted consumers at both ends of the customer funnel, promoting a mix of educational content and product pages through high-impact placements on top sites across the web.

Taboola’s predictive technology, combined with third-party data from leading marketing intelligence partners such as Acxiom and Connexity, ensured that each landing page was promoted to the right audience at the right time.

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Throughout the collaboration, Taboola’s campaigns proved more cost-effective at driving users to a specific landing page, generating a cost-per-session that was 11 times lower than related search campaigns. Taboola was also responsible for a significant lift in new product sales, driving a 300 percent higher return on advertising spend (ROAS) than search during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays.

Our team published a case study about the partnership; similar to our previous collaborations with companies like Flintobox and Boomerang, the results show that discovery has become an essential marketing channel for companies of all sizes. When combined with search marketing efforts,

When combined with search marketing efforts, discovery both broadens the prospective customer base and more efficiently drives online sales, even during highly-competitive shopping seasons.

Check out the full write up for more details about the partnership, and visit the Taboola resources page to browse our other case studies, data sheets, webinars, videos, and ebooks.

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