Mornin’ Glory Results Show How Taboola is Smart for Startups

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Berlin-born Mornin’ Glory sees itself as the smart alternative to the shaving brands you see on supermarket shelves. Ordered online, its products are available by direct purchase and in subscription packages, and the company currently serves thousands of customers all over Europe.

Mornin’ Glory is known for both its high-quality, affordable razors and its full line of skin care products available through a range of flexible purchasing plans. Sourced in Germany, the company’s popular pre- and post-shaving products are free of parabens, alcohol, and aluminum and are developed without animal testing. 

As a 2015 start-up in a relatively young market, Mornin’ Glory needed a way to build a strong foundation for its brand, grow the German market quickly, and drive high-quality converting traffic with high return on investment. Needless to say, it wanted the most cost-effective channel possible.

“We wanted to make a big splash in the German market and needed a channel that would provide us with a high-quality audience interested in discovering our brand,”

– Corinna Breitkreutz, head of performance marketing at Mornin’ Glory.

For their first foray into native, they turned to Taboola. Things have gone so well since then, that their first Taboola campaign is still running today.

Mornin’ Glory turns to Taboola to make an entrance into the German market.

mornin' glory taboola

Their goal with Taboola was to acquire paying customers in droves—driving quality traffic that efficiently converts at a large scale. It was a tall order for a new company, but Taboola delivered—and fast.

In order to establish themselves as a leading razor brand in the German market yet also gain immediate ROI, Mornin’ Glory  decided on a sponsored content strategy with Taboola. Taboola would target and distribute Mornin’ Glory’s sponsored message across publisher networks to consumers most likely to convert.  

With Taboola Sponsored Content, engaging pieces of branded content are recommended to consumers but are always clearly identified to readers as paid content, which aligns with Mornin’ Glory’s no-nonsense advertising philosophy.

To reach audiences most likely to convert, Mornin’ Glory used Taboola geotargeting to reach consumers in Germany who would be genuinely interested in discovering their brand.

It worked—their conversions exceeded their goals.

mornin' glory taboola

Since its first Taboola campaigns hit the web, Mornin’ Glory has seen CVR increase by an astonishing 1483 percent. It’s overall native ad performance increased by 10 percent.

Now, Taboola is one of the highest converting traffic channels for Mornin’ Glory.

In addition to delivering fantastic results, Taboola has provided great support for the new company, offering optimization expertise on the technology platform and highly efficient targeting techniques. The Taboola creative strategy team also worked with Mornin’ Glory to optimize creatives for success in their market.

Over the course of the relationship, Taboola has become one of the biggest contributors to Mornin’ Glory’s profitability.

“Taboola has become a top partner for acquisition in Germany,” adds Breitkreutz. “We’ve seen a significant impact on our overall bottom line.”  

Mornin’ Glory says that as long as Taboola keeps delivering results, it will keep investing more budget in this channel.