10X the Traffic Opens 3 New Markets when Hear.com Partners with Taboola

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Hear.com is a global online leader in the hearing aid industry, providing more than 800,000 consultations each year. The company offers customers in 10 countries an array of solutions for their hearing needs, free expert advice on the phone, and the ability to test out the latest hearing technology and access top audiologists for adjustments—all at locations close to home.

The mission of this team of hearing aid experts and audiologists is to help customers find the hearing aid that perfectly fits their hearing situations and lifestyles. To do that, they need an effective way to help the right customers to find them.

“Due to the nature of our customer base, our content only interests a very particular audience,” says Catalina Pistol, head of display and cooperation at Hear.com.

“We’re looking to target middle-age, highly active and educated people who need hearing aids to cope with hearing loss in their dynamic lives.”

That’s where Taboola came in—in just two years, we were able to help them increase conversions by ten times the amount at which they originally began, and helped them break into three new markets.

For laser-guided targeting at scale, Hear.com turned to Taboola.

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To continue to grow its global business, Hear.com needed a very precise way to reach its niche audience at scale while achieving performance and acquisition goals.

They decided to run campaigns on the Taboola discovery platform to both drive quality traffic from relevant content and convert at a high rate.

With Taboola, Hear.com was able to scale its marketing efforts while maintaining stable conversion rates, increasing traffic ten-fold over two years while successfully launching into three new markets – including the US.

“With Taboola, we found success and scale driving sales from our specific niche,” adds Pistol.

This is how they were able to reach the right ears.

Hear.com has been successful at reaching and growing its narrow audience by using Taboola Segments and continuously optimizing sponsored content and spending.

The company’s campaigns are complex, bundling different geographies and performance groups together to get the right performance on the right campaigns.

Hear.com also created content for each specific region for even more localized relevance. They created customized ad copy and landing pages adapted for geographic regions within a specific country.

They hit the right note with content.

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The innovative nature of its products requires that Hear.com educate potential customers about the latest advancements in the hearing aid industry, getting them past old myths and assumptions.

That’s a challenge, because the audience they want to target is in the discovery phase, and it takes a person seven years on average to go from realizing they have hearing loss to actively doing something about it.

Because of this long journey, Hear.com must work to compress the discovery period and drive conversions to help consumers improve quality of life sooner.

The Taboola recommendation engine was ideal for achieving this goal, because it enables Hear.com to efficiently reach, engage and convert users when they are in the mindset to discover something new.

The company also focused on creating an effective balance between educating and motivating action from its target consumers. Hear.com landing pages provide a combination of educational content about hearing loss and direct-response messaging.

Taboola is the key to pairing content discovery and performance marketing.

With Taboola, they see much more scale and the ability to continually add new traffic sources.

To date, they have scaled Taboola across 10 target countries and have seen a ten-fold increase in Taboola traffic in just two years. That has fueled expansion into three new markets, including the US and CA.

Hear.com values Taboola services and finds the account management team dedicated, active and creative. The company is looking forward to testing new targeting features and formats as it continues to grow.

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