Pioneering a new product concept from scratch is a feat unto itself, but promoting it post-launch poses its own set of challenges. Paid search promotions work well for products or services that consumers are explicitly seeking out, but what if the company’s new offering is something that no one has seen before?

Flintobox is a theme-based “discovery box” that curates exploratory activities and games for children between the ages of two and eight. Delivered to customers’ homes as a monthly subscription, each box is tailored around a specific subject, such as “Space Adventure” or “The Little Musician,” and the company has already carved out a successful niche in the Indian childhood education market.

In an effort to better educate audiences about its innovative offering, Flintobox invested in robust content marketing efforts, spanning blog content, ebooks and customized landing pages. The company teamed up with Taboola to promote these items on top sites across the web, reaching parents at opportune moments when they were open to discovering new information.

Our teams published a case study about the partnership, which has generated a significant uplift for Flintobox’s business. Throughout the campaign, Taboola’s high-quality traffic drove a 20% lower cost-per-acquisition than visitors arriving from any other channel (including search and social), and generated a 15% increase in new subscribers.

Check out the full write up — along with our other case studies, data sheets, webinars, videos, and ebooks — on the Taboola resources page.

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