Eargo Lifts Purchase Conversions by 35% with Taboola

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In a world where hearing aids are notoriously expensive and cumbersome, Eargo sells invisible, comfortable, rechargeable hearing aids directly to consumers online.

They’re dedicated to making the treatment of hearing loss easy, and they don’t think caring for your hearing health should have to compromise your lifestyle, appearance or budget.

Based in Mountain View, California, Eargo is one of the few companies that both manufactures hearing aids and sells them direct to the consumer. Their hearing aid is comfortable, virtually invisible and rechargeable like a smartphone.

Staffed by ENT surgeons, industry professionals and technology specialists, the company is on a mission to empower consumers to feel good and hear better. As they worked to scale their niche online online, Eargo found success with Taboola.

Taboola targeting reaches consumers with mild to moderate hearing loss.

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In 2017, Eargo set out to reach a new and highly-targeted audience of consumers with mild to moderate hearing loss and an interest in hearing health.

“Our data shows when users search for information about hearing aids, they have already noticed some severity with their hearing loss.”

–  Ardalan Zandian, senior online marketing manager at Eargo.

Eargo knows its market well, and they needed a channel where they could reach this niche audience with high precision and scale while staying within their target cost per lead (CPL).

Because people in the early stages of hearing loss don’t typically search online for information about hearing aids, search simply wasn’t delivering returns for this audience, so Eargo turned to the experts in native advertising at Taboola.

“The Taboola content discovery platform and account management team were able to help Eargo effectively reach our audience at scale and easily hit our cost per lead goals.

Because of the quality of traffic Taboola provides, we can definitely say they’re one of our number-one lead sources.”

–  Ardalan Zandian, senior online marketing manager at Eargo.

Taboola outperforms all other platforms for audience quality

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Working with Taboola, Eargo launched new native campaigns using interest targeting and targeting by publisher. They used the Taboola discovery platform’s performance marketing capabilities to drive

traffic to their homepage and product pages to convert traffic into leads. Homepage visitors who didn’t convert were retargeted and sent to the product landing page.

With this strategy in place, Eargo achieved a 30% decrease in CPA and increased their purchase conversion rate by a stunning 35%.

Eargo worked closely with their Taboola account management team to continually optimize campaigns, and the company looks forward to expanding its relationship with Taboola in the future.

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