Taboola Brings In 60K+ New Blinkist Learners in Six Months

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If you want to learn, grow, discover or reinvent yourself—Blinkist is a great place to start. Blinkist is an app that provides access to key insights from 2,000+ bestselling nonfiction books that have been transformed into packs any user can read or listen to in just 15 minutes.

The app provides content in 19 categories ranging from productivity to business to science, allowing users to boost their professional skills by learning essential ideas from books in their fields. Blinkist users can also delve into new subjects and explore the top titles in self-improvement.

The company was looking for a way to scale its acquisition efforts beyond social media channels to drive new sign-ups—so they turned to Taboola, where they were able to find over 60,000 new readers in just six months.

Reaching exploration-minded readers.

Blinkist sought to establish the Blinkist Magazine as a respected resource for content related to personal development, alongside scaling acquisition efforts.

Taboola was a clear choice to reach both of these goals—giving Blinkist access to a large audience of people who were already interested in related topics.

Blinkist users are driven, eager to learn, and want to go far in life—they’re knowledge-hungry and want to improve themselves, but Blinkist faced a challenge trying to explain its product succinctly.  

“We’re able to access this unique niche of people through social media marketing, but at a very limited scale, and frankly we weren’t growing as fast as we wished—then we found content marketing,” says Sandra Wu, digital marketing manager at Blinkist.

Content articles on the Taboola Network enabled the company to build awareness and understanding of its value and purpose.

60K+ new sign-ups at target cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

Blinkist has the ability to track app downloads through Taboola’s S2S (Server to Server) Tracking and link results directly to campaigns. They could see every conversion on the dashboard, which made optimization easy. In just six months running Taboola campaigns, the company was able to acquire more than 60,000 new sign ups at their goal CPA.

“The Taboola network is so huge, and we’ve barely tapped it. We’re hoping to penetrate every focus market through Taboola’s publishers,” adds Wu.

“I’m always amazed of the reach of the Taboola network. If I wanted to target a country at the far end of the world, Taboola would’ve gotten there already and partnered with their biggest publisher.”

Tracking plus reach are fueling growth.

The Blinkist marketing strategy now comprises a mix of social media and affiliate marketing plus content discovery with Taboola, Blinkist values the size of the Taboola network and the speed of Taboola’s product developments.

“If I had to say anything to someone considering Taboola, I would say: do it,” says Wu.

“Working with Taboola will not only help you iron out your value proposition, but they’re also a great addition to your marketing mix. Content discovery is the future.”

The Blinkist team also likes having control over which type of publishers they align with and the ability spend more with the most rewarding publishers.

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