Completion Rates Soar for AM:PM with Taboola In-feed Video

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Need dish soap, gourmet cheese or a six-pack at 2:00 a.m.? City dwellers in Israel know exactly where to go: AM:PM.

AM:PM is a leading city market in Israel with deep community roots. It was founded in 1993 as a small kiosk in the heart of Tel Aviv, and its network of urban retail stores has now expanded to over 40 always-open outlets.

During that time, the AM:PM network has developed into the go-to city market for the urban retail consumer. With a vibrant atmosphere, AM:PM brings all-night energy and a youthful vibe to the FMCG shopping experience.

The chain’s 40+ branches provide personal, professional and courteous service to millions of satisfied customers—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year.

Summer branded video campaign requires focus at scale.

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This past summer, the store wanted to maximize brand awareness for its summer promotions, targeting a niche audience in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

In order to get the word out, AM:PM created several illustrated cartoon branding videos that advertised goods in the shop. The videos were short, less than 30 seconds long, and were colorful spots that showcased multiple products in upbeat ways.

The promotion was specialized; only certain goods were on sale for a specific period, and ads were targeted only within Tel Aviv metropolitan area. Because of the niche geographic target, scale was a challenge from the very beginning start of the campaign. How do you reach a high volume of consumers in such a confined geographic area?

They tried a number of channels for video distribution, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and local vendors, but they saw only modest results. They decided to test new placements to see if they could achieve greater scale and engagement.

Taboola completion rate outperforms all other acquisition channels.

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AM:PM chose to add Taboola to the campaign distribution mix because of Taboola’s premium publisher base and the ability to achieve very granular and effective geo-targeting.

“With Taboola, we were able to not only achieve the brand awareness and campaign performance AM:PM desired,” said Eran Lupo, CEO of AM:PM’s agency, 49ers IL – Network. “we also blew our campaign goals out of the water.”

Not long after launching with Taboola, AM:PM shifted most of their budget to Taboola, which was delivering completion rates upward of 40% – higher than any other network in the media plan.

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