When it comes to disrupting the food system with a combination of brilliant technology and beautiful meals, Blue Apron is the center of the plate.

At the same time, community is the center of Blue Apron. They’ve inspired—and grown—a remarkable business that is having broad and deep human impact.

Just consider what three founders have accomplished since August 2012: growing a community of 300 Artisans, sustainable farmers, and suppliers; 5,000 employees, and making it possible for families to sit down at their tables and share a total of 159 million meals.  

I love the virtuous circle of their pioneering concept—giving busy families who want to eat wonderfully the ability to do that while giving a new generation of culinary producers a new way to reach them. It truly is the renaissance of our food system—using technology and data to de-industrialize it.

Their CMO Jared Cluff has been a long-time friend and colleague of mine, and I am thrilled to congratulate him and the Blue Apron team on the day of their IPO.

I first met the Blue Apron team when they were early in their mission.  And we are proud of the role we played in working with them to share their revolutionary message—using video and content that inspires discovery and break through the noise. Imagine discovering for the first time the magic of Blue Apron, enabling you to cook at home for your loved ones in this rushed world we live in. No longer is time the enemy of eating well.

Congratulations and Mazel Tov to the Blue Apron team from all of us Taboolars!

— Adam


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