2020 has thrown the entire world for a loop. Marketers adapted on the fly, and made adjustments they may have never thought they would need to make. For the world’s number one shopping holiday coming up in Q4, this will still hold true.

Black Friday calls consumers to seek out the very best deals in fashion and beauty, so to help you ensure that your brand or product stands out this year, we’re getting a jump on the planning process. We’ve put together trends in readership, creative techniques, and bidding strategies that will shape Black Friday marketing in the fashion & beauty industry this year.

Trends in Readership

We took a look at the pageview increases around certain fashion & beauty keywords, and it showed us which trends will be in vogue this year.

Fashion & Beauty Benchmark Report

At-Home Beauty

Anyone whose hair color isn’t natural knows that hair color requires maintenance, and of course given mandatory shut-downs and safety precautions, at-home hair color is the only option for many people.

This trend may continue on even as restrictions start to ease up whether that’s for financial, convenience, or safety reasons.

The keyword ‘hair color’ has seen a pageview spike of 238%.The same holds true for anyone who’s ever gotten a pedicure. Can anyone honestly say they know how to give themselves one at home, or even have the equipment necessary to do so?

Probably not, which explains why the keyword ‘pedicure has seen a massive 2508% increase in pageviews around it.

And finally, this should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, but in case you needed further proof that comfort is reigning king right now, this spike in pageviews is it. The keyword ‘sweatpants’ has seen a 632% increase in pageviews.

Creative Strategies For Black Friday

A big day like Black Friday calls for your A-game. Focusing on the image and headline trends that are yielding results will be more important than ever this year.

Here, we’ll get into how you can use images and copy to increase clicks and engagement.

For fashion images, go for photos sans-text taken at a distance.

The visual trends appearing for marketers today can help you start tackling Black Friday campaigns earlier than you previously may have.

Be extra thoughtful with the imagery you choose to go through, and be sure to consider how your product or offering might fit into the context of your consumers’ lives, like operating out of their homes, or looking to make their routine as efficient as possible.

For beauty images, try black & white and including food

The key is really to be creative and relevant, while applying some of the creative techniques that are helping marketers drive higher click-through rates.

For fashion headlines, test the keywords ‘gadget’, ‘today’, and ‘photos’

Paying attention to the keywords garnering clicks (and those that have high competition) can help you position your ad copy to better serve your goals.

There’s also an opportunity to use keywords that don’t yet have a lot of ad spend behind them, but are yielding high click-through rates, like ‘trend’ and ‘elevated’.

For beauty headlines, test the keywords ‘haircut’, ‘shapes’, and ‘beautiful’

Keep an eye on which keywords are seeing high click-through rates and which ones are already in too high of competition.

There’s also a chance here to use opportunity keywords like ‘yoga’ and ‘method’.

Put These Trends to Use

Putting together the above image and headline trends is the key to creating ads that perform. Here, we’re sharing a few examples of how these data-backed ads might look.

Better Bidding

Black Friday is always an important day, but this year even more so, which means you’ll want to get your bidding strategy in tip-top shape. In general, the best bidding strategies start wide with your highest comfortable bid, and then optimize from there.

Fashion & Beauty Marketing For Black Friday 2020

Every year, fashion & beauty trends differ, but this year, they may just be more different than ever before. Remember to speak to the current wants and needs of consumers adapting to life at home, or planning for more time at home in the future.

Fashion & beauty products will be in-demand this Black Friday as they typically tend to be, and marketers should get ahead of planning in order to ensure the most success.

We’re here to help you get ready along every step of the way and make sure that your message is connected with the right audiences now, and when Black Friday rolls around.

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