Axel Springer’s BILD Group is one of Europe’s largest and most innovative publishing houses, known for digital divisions such as AUTO BILD, BILD, B.Z., and COMPUTER BILD.

We’re excited to announce the BILD Group will now use our platform, from our core recommendation deep learning driven technology to our editorial Newsroom insights. Our mission has always been to empower users to discover what’s new and interesting, connecting them with things they may like and never knew existed and, by doing so, grow engagement, revenue, and loyal audiences that support quality journalism.

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Investing in user experience

Our main goal is to drive user engagement and loyal audience growth across the BILD Group’s brands.

Leveraging Taboola’s Newsroom insights and real-time A/B testing capabilities, BILD editorial teams can test creatives and see the performance of content in real time, as well as topics their users are most interested in reading about, to create editorial best practices over time.

In a world where big consumer brands, social companies, and walled garden companies are not motivated to grow the open web (or “lose” their audience to the open web), it’s truly key to invest in the future growth of loyal readers by creating relationships with passionate readers so they want to come back again and again, building off of a truly personalized experience.

“In cooperation with Taboola we want to further advance the topic of content recommendations on our portals. By combining our experience in digital subscription models and user engagement with Taboola’s technology and big data expertise, we want to jointly develop exciting product innovation to expand our monetization strategy for our advertising partners and readers,” said Stefan Betzold, Managing Director Digital of Bild Group.

I’m excited to work with Stefan, his team, and the Axel Springer board of directors to innovate on the product, investing in the future of quality journalism on the open web and keeping journalism not only strong — but thriving.

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