We recently launched Taboola Ads, our brand new dashboard, where advertisers can create and manage campaigns across the web. We’ve now moved over 10,000 advertisers to the new platform, and we can’t wait to see how our partners will utilize our latest innovations.

Taboola built the new dashboard to work faster and offer more tools to optimize campaigns. Read on for useful tips from the team who built Taboola Ads from scratch, our Taboola Ads team, for making the most out of our new platform.

1. View your CPA Goal on our New Day Graph

In addition to viewing the current performance of your campaign, you can now also monitor your campaigns cost-per-action (CPA) on our new Day Graph. Compare the data to your CPA goal with this visual tool, making it easier to extract actionable insights over time. This ability will appear when entering a CPA goal for each campaign.

2. See More Data

Your reports are now fully customizable. Users can drag and drop, resize, and even add or remove columns based on which date the user would like to view.

Advertisers can even hide the campaign panel to utilize 100% of their screen. As you scroll down, the table will fit your screen to get as much data as possible in one view.


3. Duplicate Ads into Multiple Campaigns

We have made it much simpler to clone your best performing ads into multiple campaigns:

  1. Go to the Ads report
  2. Find your ad
  3. Click on “Duplicate”
  4. Select the target campaigns

The ad will then be copied to those campaigns. This feature cuts down the time you spend building campaigns, so you can spend more time optimizing your results.

undefined4. Edit your Image Focal Point

The Taboola Ads team has created an automated cropping solution to tailor each image to customized placement sizes across our network.

Advertisers can see how their ad will appear in our “Ads Preview” when they create their campaigns. If an advertiser doesn’t like the area of focus that was automatically chosen, the focal point can be edited with the “Focal Point Selector.” To implement, simply:

  1. Hover over the image
  2. Click “Edit Focal Point”
  3. Drag and drop the focal point

Click “Done” to preview your image across common placements

5. Preview Ads on External Publisher Websites

Preview how your ads appear on real publisher websites in 3 easy steps:

  1. Click on the “Ad Preview” button to open the Preview panel
  2. Click on the ‘pop up’ icon
  3. Enter the URL of a page with a Taboola Feed or Widget on it, or use our demo page.



These Taboola Ads tools are just scratching the surface of the new capabilities we are adding to the platform.

When you use these tools in conjunction with Taboola’s standard targeting and reach capabilities, your day to day advertising needs will run more smoothly, making it easier for you to reach your KPIs.

Enjoy the new platform, and if you have ideas or requests for what you would like to see in the dashboard, please feel free to send us your feedback on the new platform using the feedback button located at the bottom left of Taboola Ads.

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