Basic Bananas Increases Enrollment in Popular Marketing Courses by 20%

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Basic Bananas is a global community for small business owners that want to learn more about growing their business through marketing techniques—they’re growing fast since they launched with Taboola.

Their Taboola campaigns outperformed expectations—not only did enrollment increase, but attendance at workshops went up in 14 different cities across the world.

“Working with the Taboola team has been absolutely fabulous. What I love most about the team is that they are super proactive and truly understand marketing.” Franziska Iseli, Co-Founder, Basic Bananas said.

We’ve found Taboola to be one of the best, engaging and most cost-effective marketing strategies to date. The results speak for themselves!”

The Australia-based organization is enrolling 20 percent more business owners a month in their workshops and educational programs across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US since they started running sponsored content on our network.

As they started talking to clients, they realized that the market not only didn’t know about them as a brand, but that it needed to be educated on the types of marketing tools and skills that would grow their small business.

They boosted enrollment with campaigns promoting direct enrollment, as well as editorial content.

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The content that Basic Bananas uses for the network is mixed—they distribute both enrollment and registration landing pages that lead users directly to sign-up for a relevant marketing course as well as editorial content.

They also lead Taboola users to educational content that speaks to their industry—small business growth and marketing content. With this strategy, they engaged new students from multiple angles.

It worked—they saw more registrations than ever for their popular “Marketing Blast-Off” workshops once they started with Taboola than they ever had before.

Basic Bananas currently uses a mix of online and offline marketing channels. These include strategic partnerships, direct mail, Facebook, Twitter, and content marketing. Adding Taboola to this mix proved to be one of its most effective strategies and supported all other campaigns ran on other channels.

Editorial content drove conversions for the Basic Bananas team at a lower cost than was expected.

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The reason that Basic Bananas was so successful running editorial content on the Taboola network was because they’re content educated their audience with the right call to action at the end.

The content offered users a small taste of information that provided them with an understanding of the value of attending an entire workshop. Their content includes things like branding insights or information on how to create a marketing plan, and from there, Basic Bananas invited users to attend a workshop.

The real value of Taboola for Basic Bananas is that they drove conversions at a lower cost than they originally expected—with this ROI, we’re expanding our partnership with them in the future.

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