Allow us to state the obvious: this year’s return to the classroom is not your average back-to-school experience. That means it calls for a marketing plan that goes beyond the average, too.

Some elements of back-to-school planning will remain the same, but others will be different. Break out your pen and paper, because we’re getting into all of it here.

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Reading Into the Readership Trends

We studied keywords across our network pertaining to the education vertica and uncovered a few key ones that may open up opportunities for marketers like you.

Words and phrases like ‘textbooks’, ‘school buses’ and ‘education teaching and classroom resources’ indicate that teachers, parents, and students are taking to the web to determine how, exactly, they’ll get ready for the year ahead.

Creative Best Practices 101

Given how pivotal this back-to-school time is, you’ll want to make sure your creatives get an A+.

We’ve got the scoop on creating imagery and writing headlines that are designed to increase clicks and engagement.

For images, opt for color and outdoor settings but leave out people and food

Create more impactful back-to-school campaigns by weaving in the visual trends shaping the education vertical right now.

Remember that your imagery is reaching consumers in a very different world than in years past. Keep an eye on our Taboola Trends site to make sure you’re staying current.

For video, try female subjects, vivid color, and winter settings

If video is the route you’re going for back-to-school, you’ll want to make sure you’re setting up your content for success.

Try the keywords ‘sale’, ‘data’, and ‘recommend’

Make your ad copy work for you by paying attention to which words are upping click-through rates, which have too much competition, and where opportunities may be found.

Keywords we identify as “opportunity keywords” don’t have a lot of ad spend behind them yet, but are showing high click-through rates associated with them. Get in on these keywords early before competition increases.

On to the Year Ahead

Back-to-school 2020 is, in many ways, different than any back-to-school we’ve ever experienced before. To most effectively connect with consumers, marketers ought to keep these insights top of mind.

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