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26 December 2017

Hello Git user. In this blog post I will discuss a technique for a unique version calculation for every Git commit. You may ask why  we need this, after all every commit in Git is identified by a unique sha1 hash. That’s right, let’s take 2 commits, 4bd92c9 and f5fc029, use their sha1 hash as a version and perform a simple A/B test. The test showed that 4bd92c9 is preferred to f5fc029. If this is the case, how can we tell: Which version is newer? If 4bd92c9 is included in f5fc029, or vice versa? What branch they were built from? It seems we need an alternative. The common standard for the versioning is a SemVer scheme. We will use its parts as follows: Major – manual increment Minor – every released feature will increment the minor Patch – will always be 0   Now let’s take a look at our […]

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