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7 April 2021

You wrote your code. You even tested it. And now, you are eager to git push it. But how can you verify that it really works? In Taboola, we test our code in production!  In this article, you will see how every software engineer, even on the first day in the company, can test in production – all thanks to a dedicated Jenkins pipeline job and lots of metrics.   How hard is it to test in production? Quite hard. You probably already knew that. Everybody fears that moment when they need to test changes in production. The main reason is that not everyone has the required IT skills. Moreover, people have to repeat error-prone, manual tasks – which might result in downtime and revenue loss. For our release engineers, it was also an unmanageable headache – a “thundering herd”  of developers eager to test their features in production.   […]

7 May 2020

In Taboola, we deal with scale, huge scale. A small issue might turn into a disaster in a matter of hours. Re-writing and replacing an existing service with a new one is a real challenge, moreover doing it without causing downtime is SCARY.  Reading logs is not an option. Logs are gigantic, unwieldy and span over many machines. It would take hours to combine and analyze them. In this post I will share with you three graphs in Grafana that I think are a must for observing new code. Let’s start… Did I break production?  You write your shiny code, you (even) test it, but, how would you verify that you didn’t break the production environment? Luckily, we use Grafana, and this actually makes a big difference. My plan was to compare old code vs. new in Grafana, but, where to start? You have Grafana… let’s use it! Frankly, I […]

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