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17 July 2019

Delivering good product to live environment requires big effort from R&D. Under the software development life cycle, we can find 6 basic phases: Understanding the requirements, design, coding, testing, deployment (incl. A/B test, if necessary) and maintenance. But how can we measure product quality? By its stability? Scalability? Easy to maintain? Bug free code? There are probably many definitions for what is a good product, but in my opinion, the two foundation stones are product behavior & functionality as defined (be aligned with the product manager’s requirements), and zero critical bugs. The product can serve many goals, but if it doesn’t achieve the main one, it might not have a reason to exist. Naturally, customers are always expecting high quality from the product, so before releasing it to production QA should make sure that indeed critical bugs don’t exist. In order to respect these two, both R&D and QA should […]

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