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4 December 2019

Sometimes we need to test urgent features fast. It has to be within a very short timeframe, when there is not enough time to run a full test plan for that feature. This might occur on different occasions. When not having enough manpower in QA to cover a full test plan for a feature. New special demands from an important client right before the release deadline. Product management needs new adjustments before the developer deploying a new product version. It can also happen when a client, team lead or PM wants a new feature and it should have been done YESTERDAY! It can also happen actively. Running every once in a while a wide post-production test, or dedicating limited time for a bug hunt. We at the Taboola Video Solution department call it “Search for a Bug Thursday”. This unplanned development might end up launching a “half baked” product. It […]

10 July 2019

Writing features as added chunks into an ever growing one bulk of code is unorganized and messy. Overtime, the tasks of testing new behaviors becomes harder and harder. Why is that? Chunky Code is hard to Navigate When working with developers on a new feature, we have to identify what we need to test. As the code grows, the challenge of finding the parts that were modified and should be tested is increasing. If a feature becomes problematic or irrelevant, reverting it becomes more difficult, since we need to go back to every line of code we changed. This way we endanger production environment and are affecting our end-users. Last but not least, it is irritating to impossible to manage when dealing with “legacy” code, that needs to be reverse engineered to find how to control. Coming to compare a buggy behavior with its intended fix or testing a new […]

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