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22 April 2016

These trends are the reason why display ad revenue is on the decline. Audience attention spans are shrinking, and readers want more for less.

16 March 2016

If you’re running a sponsored content campaign, it’s vital that you make every interaction count once those users arrive at your intended landing page.

21 January 2016

In this 3-part series, we’ll explore how “discovery” can help marketers achieve brand awareness at all stages of the funnel—starting with the top.

16 September 2015

Most marketers understand the value of engaging audiences through content but aren’t sure how to tie their efforts back to sales.

4 August 2015

Content marketing may be a timeless concept, but its role within the digital media ecosystem is brand new. It’s known that that blog posts, infographics, and videos are critical tools for building long-term customer relationships, but it’s also hard to connect ROI and effort. When it comes to content, purchases and transactions tend to happen over the long-term. Unlike other forms of marketing like search campaigns on AdWords and homepage takeover ads on mainstream media sites, your audiences won’t be looking at ads—they’ll be reading helpful, entertaining, and engaging educational materials from your company. Success, here, looks different from an immediate transaction, and as a content marketing leader, you need to focus on metrics that illuminate the full buyer journey. Most likely, you’re already tracking these data points to quantify reach and engagement. What you need to do is give your metrics a human story. Here’s how: What you’re tracking: […]

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