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22 September 2015

In recent years, technological advances around solar energy have lowered panel prices to a more affordable threshold, and many homeowners are beginning to consider residential installations that enable them to take control over their energy consumption. This exciting new market has attracted companies from around the world, including both existing energy utilities and disruptive startups. But marketing the panels can prove difficult as only certain types of houses and geographical locations are suitable for implementations. This summer, Taboola partnered with a solar energy company based in New Zealand to boost its customer acquisition efforts throughout the country. The collaboration targeted audiences located in the Greater Auckland Area, directed users to a landing page that gathered information about their house type, and ultimately enrolled eligible prospects to consider equipping their homes for a sustainable future. We published a case study of Taboola’s work with the company, including some of the below […]

17 September 2015

UPDATE 09/24: NEW SPEAKERS HAVE BEEN ADDED (DETAILS BELOW) Online publishers today are experiencing a complicated relationship with technology companies. The rise of social media giants, from Facebook to Twitter to Snapchat, has created new channels for media companies to reach large audiences. But the personalized feeds of information that define each of those platforms also present an additional source of competition for user attention. As audiences increasingly expect personalized experiences, how can publishers adapt their online properties to not only meet the needs of readers, but also compete with the likes of Facebook? Join us on Wednesday, September 30 at 6:30 PM for an in-depth conversation with some of the leading players in online media today: Nick Denton, Founder and CEO of Gawker Media Group Adam Singolda, Founder and CEO of Taboola Ian Fette, CTO at Gawker Media Group Daniel Doubrovkine, CTO at Artsy The event will take place […]

14 September 2015

Last week, Taboolars appeared at several leading media and technology conferences around the world, across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Below is a quick recap of each event, along with photos and relevant discussion that each session inspired on social media. Media Tech Summit 2015 (Las Vegas) Taboola’s founder and CEO, Adam Singolda, joined a select group of senior executives, investors and entrepreneurs in Las Vegas for the annual Media Tech Summit. This year’s gathering was focused around data science, and Adam was featured in the opening panel on “The Future of Media: New Consumption Experiences, New Ad Units, New Monetization.” Moderated by Andrew Cleland, Managing Director at Comcast Ventures, the panel included executives from Under Armour and Electronic Arts, and focused on the ways that data can enable companies to better segment their audiences and provide personalized experiences for users. Great panel with @awcleland , @davemadden […]

8 September 2015

Last week, several members from Taboola’s Asia-Pacific team were on-site at the iMedia Brand Summit in Goa, meeting with some of India’s most influential marketers and exchanging thoughts on how the digital media industry is evolving throughout the country. The three-day event, hosted at the beachside Alila Diwa Goa resort, included keynote speeches from executives at leading companies such as BBC News, Samsung, Forrester Research and IBM. The event also featured a session led by our own Joe France, Director of Sales and Partnership Management at Taboola APAC. Speaking in front of an audience of over 70 top brands, Joe walked through the fundamentals of Taboola’s algorithm and the ways that content discovery can enable brands to reach consumers through in-depth storytelling. While many of the brands in attendance were focused on the data segments of customers they already knew, Joe explained how “discovery” can engage with a much broader […]

2 September 2015

Next week, over 3,500 people — spanning marketing and PR professionals, business executives, content managers and creators — will gather in Cleveland, Ohio for Content Marketing World 2015. Hosted by Content Marketing Institute, the four-day event (Sept 8-11) attracts attendees from all industries to share best practices around how companies can use content to drive new business and differentiate their brand amidst a crowded marketplace. We’re very excited that Taboola was invited to host a “lunch and learn” session on How to Create Content that Converts, Drives Positive ROI. The presentation will include several practical case studies featuring companies that built successful performance-driven content strategies, while also sharing our best practices on topics such as content ideation, landing page optimization, A/B testing, and more. The session will take place on Wednesday, September 9th at 12:30 PM, presented by Andrew Milk (Director of Media Account Management) and Inbar Yagur (Senior Content […]

31 August 2015

With operations spanning Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, Amura is one of India’s leading digital marketing firms, with a client roster that includes many of the country’s top real estate brands. In an effort to activate the pan-India real estate market, Amura organized the first-ever Indian Realty Flash Sale (IRFS 2015), a four-day online real estate event showcasing properties across 15 cities and 50 top Indian developers. Given the time-sensitive nature of the sale, Amura teamed up with Taboola to target audiences across the web in real-time, driving probable buyers to the IRFS microsite and generating new leads for potential sales. Following the success of the campaign, our teams published a Think Tank interview with Amura’s paid media manager, along with a case study that provides an in-depth look at the collaboration. Some of the key highlights include: Taboola’s advanced targeting drove an average 10 percent boost in qualified traffic […]

24 August 2015

We asked Amura’s paid media manager to provide his perspective on the unique challenges of applying digital marketing to the real estate industry.

6 August 2015

As the effectiveness of online “push” advertisements continues to wane, there is a surge of new interest around inbound marketing methods. Content has proven to be a powerful way of attracting and engaging new customers, and software companies like Hubspot are building platforms that help companies manage and optimize lead generation throughout the entire customer decision process. Based in México, inbound marketing agency Grou works with clients around Latin America on incorporating these new methods into their overall marketing strategies. Following its own best practices, Grou began building out its company blog with actionable tips for marketers and insights derived from successful case studies. The company encountered limited success promoting its services across search and social channels, but after partnering with Taboola, discovery soon emerged as the most effective lead-gen channel. We recently published a case study featuring Taboola’s work with Grou, including some of the below key highlights: Discovery […]

27 May 2015

Earlier this month, we hosted our latest Taboola Talks event around the theme of “Data Never Goes Out of Style.” A roomful of attendees gathered at Taboola’s global headquarters in New York City to hear from Jessica Novak, Senior Content Strategist at Refinery29, and Liz White, Head of Strategy and Development at Poshly. The discussion revolved around both the opportunities and pain points of incorporating data-driven strategies into marketing and editorial workflows. Novak and White are enmeshed in these transitions at their respective companies, which have each carved out a valuable niche within the competitive digital media landscape. Refinery29’s scientific approach to audience development (supported in part by Taboola Newsroom), paired with a distinctive editorial voice, have built it into the largest independent fashion and style website in the US. Poshly’s growing and buzz-worthy online platform hosts engaging questionnaires that help beauty lovers discover new products and unlock personalized giveaways. […]

19 May 2015

Forrester Research predicted that 2015 will be the year that online brand communities make a comeback, and there are many reasons to celebrate the occasion. Brands have increasingly found that investments in social media communities aren’t paying off. After spending significant time and resources building out Facebook pages, the platform has continually tweaked its Newsfeed algorithm to the detriment of brands, dropping the organic reach of their content to a mere two percent of their fans. Rather than submit to these closed ecosystems, and the whims of ever-changing platform features, brands can regain control of their online communities by hosting them on-site. Below we’ve highlighted some of the ways these communities can drive real ROI for brands. Help Consumers Find Answers Brands can leverage their particular expertise to educate consumers and help them find relevant answers in a timely manner. These efforts provide real value for consumers, and can foster […]

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