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24 October 2019

The integration between a newly developed code into an existing code is always a challenge. Recently I was assigned a task to develop a new app inside Taboola’s Backstage. As a developer who is always looking to learn new technologies, I decided to develop it using React, Redux and Middleware. I have never developed using Redux and Middleware, only old-school React. So the first thing I had to do was to learn how to use these funky libraries. With the help of my wonderful teammates, who had some experience with these libraries, I had an easy start. I was able to create my project and install Redux. Then I became acquainted with the single source of truth concept and how to create actions.   Challenges ahead Backstage was not developed using React, which raised two concerns. First, I did not want to break the existing code. Second, how to integrate […]

2 September 2019

I have not always worked at large scale companies such as Taboola. I have started my career in a small startup, where I was a full stack developer in a student role. As a first time developer, it was very important that I will be teamed-up with someone more experienced to learn from.  Lucky for me, I was the only employee, working under the two founders – the CEO and CTO. Having a lot of one-on-one time with the CTO, working closely on bugs and features and discussing ideas, helped me improve my skills as a developer. Today, when I have more experience, I know how important it is to influence others who work with you. I try to spread the knowledge I have earned in the last few years, and help new and old employees as much as I can. In the day-to-day job, you mostly grow your skills […]

6 November 2018

  The web is full of third-party scripts. Sites use them for ads, analytics, retargeting, and more. But this isn’t always the whole story. Scripts are unpredictable, they execute code, but you don’t know what this code actually does. With Taboola’s advertising video player solution, we struggle with 3rd party scripts daily. Working with different advertisers has exposed us to a variety of malicious behavior: sound violations, auto scroll and change page DOM are just some of them. In this post we’ll take a closer look at how we detect sound violations.   Steer clear of 3rd party script risks A sound violation is a state in which the video plays sound without user interaction. Several advertisers do this, to ensure that the user will notice their ads. We struggled with this often and received lots of complaints from publishers. Sound violations should be prevented by the video player, but […]

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