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24 June 2020

The story starts with metrics. Every mature software company needs to have a metric system to monitor resource utilisation. At some point, we noticed under-utilization of spark executors and thier CPUs. Usually, dynamic allocation is used instead of static resource allocation in order to improve CPU utilisation through sharing. In this blog post, we’ll define the problem, share the goals we worked towards and highlight many technical peculiarities regarding dynamic allocation usage along the way. At Taboola, we use Grafana, Prometheus with a Kafka-based pipeline to collect metrics from several data-centers around the world. Metrics at scale is a very interesting topic and involves multiple problems in itself and we have previously covered these in our blog and meetup presentations. Our data platform comprises several services that compute data projections and, importantly, those are long-running processes with long-living spark context. Periodically, when triggered, these services process new chunks of data, […]

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