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1 May 2018

If you haven’t yet implemented an ads.txt file on your website, you may be missing out on revenue. The IAB-backed ads.txt initiative is important, and it’s one that we’ve been supportive of from the beginning—it brings transparency to an otherwise difficult to navigate marketplace by allowing publishers the ability to publicly authorize digital sellers on their site. The initiative aims to tackle many issues such as avoiding arbitrage traffic, fake domains and other types of unauthorized inventory. While it is an obviously noble effort on behalf of the industry, it’s more than that—publishers who have implemented the ads.txt file are already seeing revenue uplift. Publishers see up to 11% more revenue after the implementation of ads.txt. We took a look at Taboola enterprise publishers in the US and in EMEA. In a one month period, from October 2017 to November 2017, enterprise publishers that implemented ads.txt saw an uplift in […]

5 September 2017

We’re proud to be part of the ads.txt initiative from IAB, as it aligns with our goals for transparency and a safe ecosystem for branded content.

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