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29 February 2020

To facilitate flexibility and technological hype, you want to work with people who know how to learn. This is much better than having someone who knows a specific programing language, because a person ‘ who knows how to learn’ can learn any new language! This agility is crucial, because technology is always changing and learning is endless: My story begins two and a half years ago in Taboola Engineering, where I arrived  with dozens of new employees. In fact, 50 percent of the developers were new (less than one year)! Taboola was growing, and with great growth comes a great need to learn. My goal was to create learning programs, but along the way I realized that it was far beyond this – learning brings personal development, curiosity, doubt, and insights into the organization’s working methods. The past years has been an exciting journey of many collaborations, trial and error, […]

3 September 2019

My First Time Running a Hackathon I’ve planned events before – but never anything like this 48-hour marathon spanning 200 participants across 3 continents and 2 time zones!  When I was given the opportunity I was extremely excited, but at the same time somewhat anxious. Would I succeed in matching everyone’s energy and meeting their expectations? The task was daunting, but I took it slow and steady, step by step.  First, I designed (with help from our talented graphic designer) a cool and eye-catching theme that would decorate all of our hackathon materials. Decorating slide decks, headers, banners, and t-shirts, our hackathon branding quickly became an R&D favorite. With the event only a month away, we held the official Taboola R&D Hackathon kickoff. Immediately, all of our participants – from engineers to designers to managers – began to gather in groups and cultivate project ideas.  To encourage creativity and tech […]

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