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18 October 2017

The existing CI processes in Taboola are quite demanding  – a full product build includes 150 maven modules accounting for about 20000 unit tests. Beside running builds from master branch there are also builds for all feature branches and patch releases. All in all accumulating to more than a hundred builds per day. Some of the executed tests are pretty heavy on CPU and memory, performing resource-intensive data crunching. As you can imagine – all this requires substantial CI infra horse power. Which it definitely possesses: Taboola’s Jenkins cluster currently has 35+ Jenkins slaves, each with 20 to 40 CPU cores and at least 100 Gb memory. Each slave runs 5 to 10 executors. All in all  – a powerful CI/CD factory. But even with all this power – there are limitations. On the day of the weekly release the volume of builds peaks and we sometimes find ourselves starving […]

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