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15 February 2018

This is a tale of heroism, of overcoming obstacles and hardships. This is a tale of ingenuity, of originality and thinking outside the box. This is a tale… of how I was too lazy to go and look if someone was already playing table tennis in the game room.     Hiking Across the Office is a Drag   Taboola’s Israeli office in Tel Aviv, houses about 350 people, spread over five large floors. The game room, however is smack dab in the middle of them. In smaller companies, if you wanted to know if the game room was available, all you had to do was to look slightly over your monitor and you would have your answer. Here, it takes 60 seconds and 110 steps, including one flight of stairs, to get from my workstation all the way to the game room – believe me, I counted. Unfortunately, due […]

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