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5 February 2021

On the back of 2020—2021 will continue that “future feeling” 2020 gave us, and here are our CEO’s predictions.

25 January 2021

Today we announced our plan to go public and be listed on the NYSE as “TBLA.” 

6 November 2020

Ning Ning was recognized for her acumen in business strategy, her ability to build a high-quality corporate culture, her large investment in social welfare and rave reviews from her colleagues.

20 October 2020

When you look outside of social platforms, on the open web and news websites where people engage with journalism, you could argue that every site out there is also fighting social networks for the same precious time and attention. The difference is that journalism is never going to have a “social dilemma.”

10 September 2020

“It is all over the news, we’re not acquiring Outbrain.” — Taboola Founder and CEO, Adam Singolda, on the latest news

18 August 2020

Taboola’s CEO on the company’s plan to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for employees of all types.

29 June 2020

Today, I’m going to write about three things⁠—how our people are doing, how our industry and business are doing, and what we’re doing to weather the COVID-19 storm and support those who’ve been affected.

16 March 2020

Taboola has a responsibility to our industry, to the open web, and to readers worldwide—we will fight the spread of misinformation about the Coronavirus.

19 February 2020

Can you believe it’s 2020 already? I feel like I just wrote my 2018 year in review and here we are starting a whole new decade. 

2 July 2019

Our vision was always to be everywhere consumers are giving their attention—and we’re taking our discovery technology to meet them there.

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