For Austria Tourism, Taboola Delivers 33% Better Performance than Display

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How do you get travelers to think outside the vacation box and discover a new destination? It requires making real connection—offering timely content and enticing deals that inspire a traveler to choose your locale above all others.

Since 1955, the non-profit organization Austria Tourism has promoted Austria as a unique vacation destination. Their goal is to secure and expand tourism to the country and increase Austria’s competitiveness.

Austria Tourism works closely with a number of Austrian travel partners, providing customized marketing activities tailored to each partner’s respective needs and market opportunities.

Austria Tourism realized early on that classic display advertising (IAB standard formats) alone did not achieve the desired results.

“The biggest challenge with traditional campaigns (e.g. display) is advertising effectiveness and placement. Display ads are about 33% less effective in performance than native formats,” says Claudia Sokoll of Tourism Austria.

“We also noticed that our ads didn’t work as well on travel sites.”

As a result, they are growing their digital media mix, advertising in print media, and have made native advertising with Taboola an integral part of the online marketing strategy.

“On travel pages, users typically already know their desired vacation spot, so they aren’t as open to investigating other destinations,” adds Sokoll.

“For that reason, content discovery marketing is the best solution for us, because we’re in a space where users are ready to discover something new.”

Austria Tourism uses Taboola campaigns to increase web traffic to, and engagement with, its content in order to make users aware of travel deals to and within Austria—especially users who did not consider Austria as a possible travel destination before.

Their campaign brings in visitors from Germany.austria tourism (1)

Austria Tourism uses the Taboola Discovery Platform to reach new audiences on premium websites across the open web. In a recent initiative, they specifically targeted users in Germany, promoting all Austrian tourism regions as well as events and festivals.

The campaign featured geo-targeting optimized for desktop and mobile to target sites aligned with the interests of relevant audience groups.

The campaigns linked directly to subpages on the Austria Tourism website (, where potential vacationers could find information about each of the regions. Users could then view various offers and book travel through one of Austria Tourism’s tourist partners.

Half of all native leads come from Taboola.

austria tourism (2)

Through continuous data analysis and campaign optimization, Taboola has been able to significantly improve the performance of Austria Tourism campaigns, increasing reach, CTRs, and conversion rates, while lowering bounce rates and cost per click.

They saw a 33% performance increase across all campaigns when they used Taboola in place of display and a 2% reduction in bounce rate for campaign landing pages, indicating an increase in user engagement.

Taboola is now responsible for 50% of all leads generated through native advertising for Austria Tourism.

Looking ahead, their campaign will expand.

Since the beginning of 2017, Austria Tourism has registered half a billion impressions via the Taboola platform.

“With Taboola, we reach people on the open web who are open to discovering travel options. Their native capabilities gave us the right placement on the page for our campaigns!

With the help of our Taboola account manager, our detailed campaign planning allowed us to hit our goals. We have been able to record a steep performance increase across all Austria Tourism campaigns in no time after adding Taboola to the mix,” Sokoll concludes.

Due to the great success of their campaigns with Taboola in the past year, they’re interested in testing other Taboola portfolio offerings such as Taboola Video. They also plan to expand the campaign to other countries in addition to Germany.

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