Out of the e-Commerce trends that emerged in April, some were as predictable as could be, while others sprung up somewhat out of the blue. That’s great news for publishers and advertisers because, while many of your already live campaigns and content efforts will continue to pay off, there are new ones you can take advantage of.

With competition for consumer attention and dollars at an all-time high, this is no time to rest. To keep your business growing, you need to stay on top of the most current trends and consumer behaviors.

We’ve combed through Skimlink‘s publisher data (a Taboola company) from last month to uncover the trends consumers are most interested in. Even with inflation, discretionary spending remains steady, meaning there are plenty of engagement and sales opportunities for advertisers and publishers.

Look to increase campaign clicks and readership by leveraging the following trends:

  • Wedding-relating items and gift registries
  • Spring cleaning this year means new outdoor furniture
  • Pandemic and work from home products are still hot

Celebrating Life Events: From Nuptials to Newborns

As we’ve seen over the last few months, the wedding industry is rebounding in a big way. According to The Wedding Report, nearly 2.5 million couples will tie the knot this year, spending an average of $24,300, about $2,000 more than last year.

With the most popular month for weddings – October – quickly approaching, soon-to-be brides and grooms are busier than ever. Our publisher and advertising data show an uptick in searches and purchases for everything wedding-related, from rings to dresses to venues and guest accommodations.

Rising costs mean couples are looking for the best deals around and packing their wedding registries with their most wanted items.

Another interesting, semi-related trend emerging is the pandemic baby boom. David’s Bridal said maternity gown demand is up 10%, and sales for its Mini-Me collection of replica toddler-sized dresses have skyrocketed.

Key Takeaway: Continue producing wedding-related content and ad campaigns. Expand your guides to include three new topics: pregnant brides, couples on a budget, and the best items and online stores for building their gift registry lists. These new directions will capture attention and drive clicks and purchases. Also, create content targeting soon-to-be new parents, grandparents, and others who will be shopping for the bundles of joy set to arrive in the coming months.


From the Bedroom to the Backyard: Home Upgrades

Amid the stack of warm weather holidays that lend themselves to outdoor gatherings, consumers continue to spruce up their indoor and outdoor spaces.

Major retailers were prepared for this typical seasonal trend, launching sale after sale for items like eco-friendly mattresses, linens and textiles, home décor, and cookware. In addition, outdoor furniture performed exceptionally well, driving campaign engagement and commissions.

Publishers and advertisers that cashed in with affiliate content to support events such as Wayfair’s Way Day reaped the rewards, but even if you missed out, it’s not too late to get in on this trend. Many consumers are looking forward to relaxing in lounge chairs in the garden or gathering for fun-filled family BBQs in the coming months.

Research indicates that the e-Commerce segment will grow significantly within the outdoor furniture market. The US will continue to hold the largest market share, but the European and Asian markets will see robust growth.

Key Takeaway: The spring and summer seasons are packed with holidays. People are still concerned about large indoor gatherings, so outdoor furniture will remain on consumer lists. Again, with inflation on the rise, look to promote sales and consider sustainable brands as it’s a top priority for shoppers.


Pandemic Products Pop Up Again

As much as we all wish the pandemic was in the rear-view mirror, new strains remind us that it’s not. Although masking rules have loosened across the country, plenty of people still prefer to hedge their bets (and health) and wear a mask when out in public. Because of that, we continue to see consumers searching for and purchasing pandemic products, primarily face masks.

Also, due to the pandemic uncertainty, many employees are still working from home. As more companies look to make that a permanent option, consumers are upgrading their at-home office setups. That explains and supports the recent spike in readers seeking advice about office equipment, specifically office chairs.

Key Takeaways: Since people are responding differently to the ebb and flow of the pandemic, you can’t go wrong promoting health and safety products. Pandemic items are likely to be staples in summer travel bags, especially as new materials are used to create improved masks and protection. And, create campaigns around office products as people will look to outfit their workspaces with new desks, chairs, and other office essentials.


Get Into the Action

As we head into summer, sales are springing up everywhere, and each e-Commerce site is trying to offer better discounts than the next. As a publisher or advertiser, you can capitalize on those deals by promoting highly coveted items in the categories we discussed here.

If you’re searching for new brands to promote, check out Skimlinks. The platform connects you to thousands of top brands, and you’ll earn higher commissions as the company negotiates better payouts than you’ll find on other affiliate networks.

Don’t forget to check out our Memorial Day and Father’s Day marketing guides. Both are packed with data-backed content and campaign strategies designed to help you build brand awareness and reach your sales goals.

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