As an advertiser, it can be frustrating to find ad budget nirvana. It takes a lot of time and effort to adjust bids to increase your campaign performance. Many advertisers find that they are spending ad budgets on ineffective ad inventory that doesn’t result in conversions or sales. It also can be difficult to identify the right publishers, hours of the day or the right user segments for ads that are working for their campaign goals.

A lot of campaign management can be guesswork until ads start to produce some data that can help advertisers analyze what campaign types, content, and bid amounts are working for them. But even then, it is frustrating to really know if a “guesstimate” when improving a campaign is going to work or not.

More importantly, it requires the right data to take the guesswork out of setting ad budgets–until advertisers have enough information to analyze which campaigns are working for them and why.

For ad budget optimization to truly be automated, it would take some pretty advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and likely, machine learning (ML) capabilities.

And in order to activate this level of intelligence and for neural networks to discover new patterns, they need large amounts of data that can be processed and sorted through trial and error. In the world of deep learning, engineers must design algorithms that can uncover new factors you never thought to look for ahead of time.

When marketers and advertisers are utilizing this technology, it’s making an impact.

Advertisers that let algorithms bid for them are seeing almost 30% better conversions.

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Overall, the power of AI and ML in our algorithms is increasing conversion rates by 28% and conversion scale by 6% for advertisers using Smart Bid—our answer to automation.

It’s more cost effective too—on average cost per acquisition (CPA) went down 18%.

“For The Telegraph Financial Solutions, part of The Telegraph, it’s important for our audience to understand the realities and myths of various retirement solutions.

Smart Bid makes it easy to manage our Taboola campaigns and to get more qualified leads from the platform. Month over month, Smart Bid campaigns generated up to 59% more conversions at a similar cost per lead.”

-Katrina Broster, Head of Acquisition Strategy at The Telegraph

It works like this—algorithms pick up on historic network data and identify patterns to optimize campaign bids per impression automatically.

It’s based on the likelihood of driving conversions on a larger scale. These new data patterns to reach new customers they wouldn’t otherwise reach.

Not only are conversions up, but costs are down.

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You should treat the ability to let an algorithm bid for you as an additional tool in your advertising arsenal to get the most out of your ad budget.

For both Eargo and HomeQuityBank’s agency iQuanti, budgets were spent more effectively and freed up more time.

“Taboola’s Smart Bid had an immediate positive impact on our lead generation campaigns in two meaningful ways: first, it led to an almost instantaneous 20% decrease in our cost per lead.

Second, it greatly reduced the amount of time we have to spend on optimizations, as Smart Bid removed the need to manage bids at a site level. Thanks to Smart Bid, we now spend more time thinking about meaningful targeting and creative strategies, and less time worrying about rote bid management.”

-James Noyes, Growth Marketing Manager, Eargo

“We’re always working to optimize our campaigns so that our clients receive the best value for their advertising spend.

For HomeEquity Bank’s reverse mortgage campaign, Taboola Smart Bid allowed us to dramatically increase the number of leads we were driving while delivering on a lower cost per lead than other platforms.”

-Anirban Sengupta, Engagement Manager for HomeEquity Bank account, iQuanti

Our Smart Bid feature, currently adopted by almost half of our advertisers, is designed to remove the guesswork and long optimization timelines for advertisers, and it’s working.

Advertisers using this feature are spending less time manually optimizing campaigns, spending budgets more effectively, and scaling more easily. Get more information in our Help Center, here.

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