We’re excited to announce our partnership with AdRoll, a performance marketing platform that works with over 35,000 clients worldwide. With this new partnership, all of AdRoll’s clients now have access to our premium marketplace of publishers.

Adroll will now be able to bid programmatically on Taboola’s exchange, where their clients can access native placements on premium publisher sites around the globe.

This women’s footwear brand is already excited about the native opportunity that Adroll and Taboola provide.

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Some of AdRoll’s clients like Shoes of Prey, a premium women’s footwear designer, are already excited about the diversification of device targeting and native as a channel.

“Our customers engage with our brand on multiple devices and platforms,” said ‎Stephanie Krueger, Senior Marketing Manager at Shoes of Prey.

“We wanted to create a seamless experience, regardless of device or the places users visit online. Native advertising is an important element of our full-funnel marketing strategy.”

The intersection of AdRoll’s massive inventory of content and our native targeting capabilities is why we came together.

“Native advertising has become a promising channel for marketers and is helping improve the way people engage with brands,” said AdRoll VP of Product Greg Fulton.

“Taboola is a great partner for us because they offer the largest native exchange on the open web. We can now better help brands attract new prospects and retain customers at scale.”

Our CEO is excited about the partnership, and the value that AdRoll’s clients will receive from native placement opportunities and provide to publishers who are looking for premium inventory.

“I’m truly excited to partner with Aaron Bell and the AdRoll team to give 35,000 new businesses the opportunity to be placed natively in a trusted, safe, and credible environment on some of the most innovative publishers in the world,” said Taboola Founder and CEO Adam Singolda.

“The opportunity for a brand to be recommended to the right user at that magical moment when the user is about to make a decision can drive awareness, consideration, purchase of products and even loyalty. This is an exciting day.”

Here at Taboola, we are always looking for more opportunities to bring brands safe and performance-oriented environments for their content and to provide publishers with the best-branded content out there. Our partnership with AdRoll accomplishes both, and we’re excited for the future success of more brands to come.

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