As content marketing continues to grow, producing content and getting your videos or blog posts noticed is an ever more challenging task. That amazing piece of content that you spent time and money on may find itself on the back shelves of the web, waiting to be discovered…

So how do make sure your content gets to its target audience?

content distribution

Unless you’re basing your marketing plan on your content “going viral” (that’s about as likely as someone next to you at the coffee shop doing the Nae Nae), you should start with a content distribution plan. These typically combine a number of free and paid distribution methods.

Free methods are usually incredibly effective for engaging with your current customer base, while paid channels do well for engaging new customers. Here are some of the key ones for you to consider:

1) Leverage email

If you have a good opt-in database, promote your content by sending emails to the full list or to relevant segments.

While no longer a popular option, you can also purchase a list from a third-party vendor. No matter what list you use, make sure you can see open rates and other metrics you need to optimize your future email campaigns.

2) Share on Social Networks

Always share your content on your company’s social media properties. There are plenty of social sharing tools out there that will help track user engagement and other key metrics.

These will help you schedule your posts and provide analytics around engagement.

3) Post to Content Sharing Websites

Publish your content on websites such as YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, Pinterest, Vine, and Instagram. Remember that not all content is built for all platforms.

Focus on the websites where your target audience is likely to consume your content, and invest time in properly tagging and describing your content so it will be easy to find.

4) Use Sponsored Updates on Social

As competition for attention becomes fiercer, most social networks now offer sponsored updates. Pick some of your best content items and experiment with paid promotions on the social networks where your target audience is most likely to frequent. Make sure you set clear goals and are able to measure returns.

5) Advertise on Display Networks and Paid Search

Although CPCs are ever increasing and banner effectiveness is on the decline, experiment with advertising your content on different networks. Make sure you have tracking codes and goals set up properly so you’re able to measure performance.

6) Run Targeted Ads

Many ad networks and social networks let you run ads targeted by user interests, behavior, location, skills and more. While these ads are typically not very effective for promoting content, experiment to find out if they might work for you.

7) Get Influencers to Promote Your Content

Issue press releases about key content items, such as interesting survey results. Pitch your content to reporters and share it with influential bloggers you have a relationship with. Build a network of social influencers in your field who can promote your content in exchange for a fee.

8) Promote on Content Discovery Platforms Like Taboola

Promote your content through high-impact placements alongside editorial on top publisher sites across the web, using a content discovery platform such as Taboola.

These platforms use advanced predictive algorithms to recommend your content to the right people at the right time when they are already consuming content and open to discovering new stories. Discovery platforms have proven to be very effective in reaching new users who wouldn’t find you otherwise.

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