They say images are worth a thousand words. We’re not sure about that, but we do know that they get at least 30% more shares on social media. Gallery pages are a great way to display image-driven content and provide organization and structure.

Decide If Gallery Pages Would be an Effective Format for Your Content

Galleries help user engagement because they require continuous interaction with the page, and give the user a sense of control.

When is it effective to use a gallery? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are there clear steps or numbered items in your content?
  2. Can you add an image for each concept you are introducing?
  3. Do you have more than 4 items but less than 25?
  4. Will breaking up your content improve readability?

Use Your Titles to Encourage Clicks

The best titles for galleries promise something. Consuming gallery content takes time, so be sure to provide something that is irresistible to your audience. This will result in a higher Click Through Rate (CTR). Try framing the gallery in one of these ways:

Offer a benefit

  • 15 Hairstyles to Keep You Feeling Fabulous This Winter
  • 5 Ways to Organize Your Life for a Stress Free Year

Intrigue can also work

  • You Will Never Guess these 10 Celebrity Couples
  • 10 Unbelievable Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Make Navigation Easy

Gallery content requires the user to actively navigate, so make this easy. Start by including the number of items in the gallery title, to set user expectation. Make navigation buttons large and clear, and always identify the current page. Include clickable Previous and Next links so users can browse freely. The benefit of galleries is that they offer users more control but they also require their  participation.

Make Your Content Compelling

The content itself needs to be compelling! The end goal is to get the user to navigate through the entire gallery to optimize for number of page views. In particular, make sure every third slide has rock solid content starting with the first slide.

Aim for 7-10 Slides to Increase Monetization

We’ve found that  7-10 slides seem to be the sweet spot for monetization. If you have long galleries, consider splitting them up – especially if your goal is to drive users to consume more galleries per visit. Only 30% of users complete a gallery session if there are more than 10 slides.

Make Sure It Looks Great on Mobile

Mobile galleries are particularly effective and tend to have higher share rates over desktop. It’s important to ensure navigation buttons are large and easy to click on. Place the gallery near the top of the page to encourage users to click through the gallery horizontally. Larger font size increases readability and ease of engagement. An appealing user experience is crucial when dealing with a smaller screen.

Add Sponsored Content in the Right Place

Sponsored content is an effective monetization strategy, and galleries are a perfect place for sponsored content.There are three places that continually drive high engagement:


End of gallery is a high-performing placement because users are primed to click on the next page. In a 10-item gallery an Endslate would be the 11th item.


If your gallery is long but you have determined that all items are crucial, consider adding sponsored content to break up the content. Since many people click off the page before completing a gallery session, this is a good way to monetize the click. As a general guide, incorporate sponsored content every 7-10 items. This is particularly effective on mobile traffic.

Below Gallery or Sidebar:

If monetization is your primary goal, add sponsored content recommendations below the gallery and in the sidebar to increase visibility rates and ensure users click.

Galleries are a great way to make your content stand out. Successful revenue generation relies on user experience, good content, and well-positioned content recommendations. With the right gallery format, you can tick all of those boxes!

If you need assistance with your Gallery Pages, feel free to reach out to us today.

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