5 Tips For Lowering Your CPA

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Conversion rates can fluctuate day-to-day for an array of unexpected reasons, but there are several tactics marketers can employ to significantly (and sometimes permanently) lower their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) on Taboola. By being more strategic about bidding, targeting, and testing, the below “hacks” can help optimize your campaigns to generate the most bang for your buck.

Separate by Platform

Rarely (if ever) should you target desktop, mobile and tablet all at once. User experiences and behaviors vary across platforms, and people on a particular device may be more inclined to engage with your content. For example, a desktop user that enjoys fashion content at home may prefer other types of content while on-the-go and using a smartphone.

Experimenting with platform-specific promotions can help you learn where your audience is most engaged, enabling you to better focus your campaigns. Platforms have different levels of competition for clicks (e.g. cost-per-click, or CPC), so targeting the right audience, on the right platform, at the most cost-effective CPCs will ultimately lower your CPA.

Separate by Country

Following a similar logic to platform-targeting, different countries and geographies (or “geos”) vary in terms of their performance and market competitiveness. Separating your campaigns into geo-specific buckets allows you to target audiences around the world based on each market’s particular demand. By allocating your CPC budget across more strategic and well-positioned geos, your CPA will soon drop as well.

Test Efficiently

Taboola’s network reaches over 550 million unique visitors every month, including more than 86 percent of desktop users in the US, according to comScore, a reach that surpasses Facebook, Yahoo and AOL. Given this massive scale, our algorithm must test items across the breadth of our network in order to fully optimize campaign performance, uncovering any and all sites where your target audience may be located.

Towards this end, it is important to allow healthy budgets (e.g. 500-1000 clicks/day for 3-5 days) and experiment with multiple creatives to give your campaign diversity. Following the test period, our account managers can optimize your campaign towards the publishers that are hitting your CPA goal, and pause creatives that may have a high click-through-rate (CTR) but low conversion rate.

Pre-Qualify Your Clicks

In order to achieve optimal campaign performance, it is important that users who click on a piece of content will be interested once they arrive on-site. Make sure your headline and image accurately reflect the content, giving users a “sneak peek” into what they will see following the click.

This “qualification process” will focus the number of clicks to those users that are most interested in your content. While this may lower your CTR, the increased conversions will give you leverage to bid higher CPCs across our network, allowing your campaign to scale at a higher conversion rate and lower CPA.

Learn, Revise, Re-Test

There is no magic formula to increase your conversion rate or get more users to engage, but there are best practices that can guide you in the right direction. If your CTR is low, check out our infographic on optimizing thumbnails and headlines for maximum engagement. If CTRs are strong, but your conversion rate is low, our infographic on creating content pages that convert can help optimize your landing page to encourage intended actions.

Never underestimate the value of learning through a rigorous trial-and-error process. And when the numbers finally do hit home, be sure to analyze what is working so you can replicate it on subsequent campaigns.

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