Taboola’s media partners can rest assured knowing their campaign details and performance data are accessible around the clock through Taboola’s Backstage, our comprehensive analytics and campaign management dashboard. Backstage is available through our HTML5 website (supported on desktop and mobile devices), as well as our iOS mobile app, empowering our partners to make real-time, data-driven decisions about their campaigns and drive high-quality, cost-efficient traffic to their content.

Backstage was built to be user-friendly and intuitive to navigate, and we now have several tutorial videos that provide additional step-by-step walkthroughs of the dashboard. We hope these videos help prospective partners to learn about Backstage’s robust capabilities, and existing partners to be even more hands-on with their campaigns.

Read on below for brief descriptions and links to each of our five new videos, and stay tuned to our blog for more information on our best practices and how they can apply to your overall content marketing strategy.

Backstage Overview

Learn how to analyze all facets of your Taboola campaigns and drive the most cost-efficient traffic possible. Backstage provides full transparency into your campaigns’ performance so you’ll never have to guess what’s going on.

Campaign Summary Overview

Partners can view both high-level updates on their campaign performance, as well as more precise data points around performance by campaign, referral site, country, platform, and more.

How To Create A New Campaign

Taboola’s dashboard provides maximum control and flexibility, empowering our partners to create new campaigns at any time and quickly scale their content.

Adding Content To An Existing Campaign

Backstage allows you to add content into existing campaigns by uploading individual URLs and/or RSS feeds. Learn how to edit titles and thumbnails to help you find the most engaging creative combinations and reach your desired audience.

How To Edit Campaign Settings

Campaign controls are available at all times, allowing partners to change settings (e.g. CPC, budget, targeting, creatives) as their traffic needs shift.

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