5 Key Content Marketing Tips for Mobile

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According to Pew Internet & American Life Project, more than 56% of American adults own smartphones and 35% have tablets, so it’s no surprise that mobile devices are officially dominating our lives. From texting, gaming, and social networking to snapping photos, video chatting, checking the news, and shopping. You name it; we’re doing it on our mobile devices. In fact, Forbes recently revealed that 63% of cell phone owners are accessing the Internet on their mobile devices (up by 21%). Moreover, Supermonitoring.com revealed that people are now consuming more media on their mobile devices than on their desktops and televisions.

Media Consumption_Supermonitoring

Source: www.supermonitoring.com

What does this mean for Content Marketing?

It’s important to ask the question, “Where is our audience finding us?” If they’re engaging with your brand via mobile – even if it’s by way of Google search – then you may consider deploying a “mobile-first” content strategy, a tactic more and more companies are taking nowadays. In fact, the average top 25 digital media properties extended their reach via mobile channels by 29%, according to ComScore. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to ensure your business is mobile-ready.

  1. Create a mobile website. If your company doesn’t yet have a responsive mobile site, 2014 is a good time to consider and there are many companies that can help such as OnSwipe or Pressly. Make your content available in mobile with the most effective UX possible including large font and easy-to-access content sharing capabilities.
  2. Consider creating a mobile app. According to Brightcove, users actually spend more time on mobile apps than mobile web. For this reason alone, it may be in your business’ best interest to also create a mobile app that can geo-target and add value to your brand with push notifications or gamification. See our recent blog post about our partnership with StepLeader.BrightcoveSource: Brightcove
  3. Keep your content simple and easy to digest. Publishers should remember that many mobile users are accessing their content while multitasking – whether it be chatting with a friend, watching television, or dining out.
    • Generate and A/B test succinct headlines.
    • Keep your word count to a minimum. Think quality over quantity.
    • Use graphics or videos whenever possible to illustrate your point.
    • Be sure all contact forms are adaptive and user-friendly.
  4. Optimize for mobile with SEO. Tablets and smartphones account for 26% of all local search traffic, so if users want to find a local bank, make sure your site has all the right keywords built organically into the content.
  5. Distribute your content to the right audience. Millions of people access social media on their mobile devices; so promoting your content via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, YouTube, or LinkedIn is still a great plan of action. Consider also reaching your existing subscribers with a newsletter or promotional email using services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, ExactTarget, or SendGrid. To learn more about some of the exciting things we’re doing in the content distribution and discovery space, click here to contact us.

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