Wednesday July 27th || by John Reyes

Yoav Naveh has a background steeped in building predictive systems for online advertising and internet security startups. Prior to launching ConvertMedia, acquired in 7/2016 by Taboola, he served as captain in the elite technological unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corp., for which he received multiple awards of achievement. Upon completing his service, Naveh went on to receive a degree in mathematics and computer science at Tel Aviv University.

As the co-founder and CEO of ConvertMedia (now VP of Video at Taboola), Naveh works in the world of outstream video: video ad units that aren’t tied to content. (Outstream ads can run between paragraphs of text, on the side of a page. They are presumed to be more valuable because they can guarantee 100% viewability.) ConvertMedia (now Taboola), according to Naveh, “enables publishers to strike an ideal balance between revenue goals, the exposure they afford advertisers and how they engage consumers.”

The original article appeared on MediaPost on July 26th, 2016 here.

John Reyes