Saturday October 5th || by Adam Singolda


TEDxLowerEastSide invitation-OKTABOOLA_0

We’re excited to share that TEDx LowerEastSide has granted Taboola a special application registration code so we can invite our friends that wish to attend. The theme for the event is: The Hero’s Journey.

I was honored to be invited to perform at the event — I’ll be playing the piano with my dad, Avi Singolda, who will be playing the guitar, together on stage for the first time. We’ll tell a story using a combination of video and audio that we think should be a lot of fun.

Special thanks to TEDx!

More about the speakers, and the event here

Download the PDF here


Adam Singolda

Adam Singolda, founder and CEO of Taboola, leads the company's business strategy, execution and development while maintaining Taboola's unique culture of quantification and innovation.