Monday February 22nd || by Dana Miller

Getting the balance right between user experience and monetization has always been something of a tightrope for publishers. However, now consumers have more control via things like ad-blocking tools, it’s fair to say the need to improve the user experience is more urgent than ever. Here Yoav Naveh, Founder and CEO at ConvertMedia (now VP of Video at Taboola), explains why now is the time for wholesale reform of the industry.

In digital media the strongest revenue stream for publishers comes from the advertising real estate and the associated eyeballs. Then on top of this a publisher might layer audience segments and an engaging ad experience, all if which will ultimately lead to a purchase or conversion. A solid record of performance will keep advertising partners satisfied and attract new ones.

That said, achieving these goals can conflict with user experience. Audiences are built on strong content and positive user experiences — visitors aren’t there for the ads. So publishers and advertisers are fighting an uphill battle from the outset, as their goal is to drive people to look at something they did not initially enter the site to see. Then things like slow page load times due to multiple ad calls and heavy files frustrate users even more.

Now those same consumers have the power to vote via ad blocking. The reality is consumers are flocking to ad blocking for a reason — they want a smooth user experience. It really is that simple.

So it’s time for our industry to have a very honest discussion about user experience. But how do publishers find the right balance?


This article originally appeared in VideoAdNews. Please click here to view the article.

Dana Miller