Thursday March 23rd || by Inbar Yagur

There’s more to an effective campaign than the creatives that capture a potential customer on the first step of their journey—the success of your landing page can make or break your next performance marketing campaign.

While there are a ton of landing page best practices out there to teach you how to construct the perfect landing page, the user you capture from your discovery creative campaign is different than most.

Discovery platform users are in a different mindset than other channels, and are more open to new ideas, brands, and content—your landing pages have to cater to this mindset.

The Taboola creative strategy team has taken a look at exactly what makes up the perfect landing page for a Taboola user. The big news—gamification is king.

Check out the infographic below for tips on how to optimize your landing pages for more conversion success.

Click to download the PDF.

taboola landing page best practices

Inbar Yagur

Heading up the Creative Strategy Team at Taboola, courageously defying time zones to support brand success from Australia to Seattle, and structuring Taboola best practices. I'm a rabid consumer of pop culture and politics, reciter of 90's SNL skits, mother, and a film school survivor.