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The article below originally appeared in Masterclassing on October 24, 2016.  The online video market is booming: According to eMarketer, brands are on track to double the amount of money they spend on digital video promotion by 2019. As consumers spend more time on their phones and laptops, brand advertising dollars are shifting from TV accordingly […]
Despite the rapid growth of native advertising, there are still plenty of misconceptions about the format floating around the digital ecosystem. In fact, many advertisers and publishers even disagree over what a native ad actually is. At Taboola, our CEO Adam Singolda describes a native ad as any piece of advertising content that “matches the […]
To satisfy advertiser demand for video ad inventory and compensate for limited pre-roll inventory, more publishers are offering out-stream units, which are video ads served outside of video content. Yoav Naveh, co-founder and CEO of ConvertMedia (now VP of Video at Taboola), spoke to eMarketer’s Cathy Boyle about the growing supply and demand for out-stream […]
Yoav Naveh has a background steeped in building predictive systems for online advertising and internet security startups. Prior to launching ConvertMedia, acquired in 7/2016 by Taboola, he served as captain in the elite technological unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corp., for which he received multiple awards of achievement. Upon completing his service, Naveh went on […]
When it comes to selling ads, can web publishers make more money by doing less? The Co-Founder and CEO of ConvertMedia (now VP of Video at Taboola) thinks so, citing a “race to the bottom” with fixed banner ads. Yoav Naveh believes publishers became fixated on fixed banner ad placements, to the ultimate detriment of […]
Here are a few pointers that can help marketers and publishers unlock the full potential of native advertising, without sacrificing efficiency or scale.
Outstream video could be the key to raiding the vault of television ad budgets that the video industry has been lusting for.
Video: ConvertMedia CEO, Yoav Naveh, joined Beet.TV’s panel, discussing the definition of Outstream and the opportunities for advertisers and publishers.
Top three reasons that outstream video advertising will power the significant growth predicted in digital video, not pre-roll.
Paul Salomone, Founder & CEO of MediaFuse discusses key issues facing publishers and the opportunity that Outstream video provides.
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